We are also avid motorcyclists! We welcome singles, couples or groups for one night or several, to come and share itineraries and special stories of magical places you have visited only by motorcycle. Or…hit the enduro trails…Ardèche has no limits for two-wheel fun! To see our listing on TripnBike, click:  https://en.tripnbike.com/place/ciel-dardeche


Here on our farm, we have 10 horses who live outdoors most of the year, and graze in our fields in these beautiful natural surroundings. We welcome single or group cavaliers, whether for a one-night stage or several nights, to really enjoy the local views. Contact us for more information about our special rates for horse riders visiting the area.


We are proud to be participants of the local bicycle race, l’Ardèchoise…lodging up to 15 cyclists for 2 nights each year during the month of June. We have dry, covered space to store your bicycle during your stay with us. Contact us for more information about the local circuits and bike trails.


Whether you enjoy climbing mountains or trail hiking, there are so many options for your hiking activities. You will love coming back to our place afterward to relax on the balcony or in the garden until Antonietta calls you for dinner. Why not bring the whole family? For a guider tour of our "belle région" consult our local experts: https://guidenaturerandonnee.com